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My name is Ken Moyes and I am an early American history and Constitution lover.  I have studied the meaning of the Constitution based on the Debate Notes of the Convention of 1787 by the hand of James Madison, researched the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist papers, and read the early nineteenth century Supreme Court Opinions.  I have  studied the causes for the changes to the Constitution: it’s written word and interpretation.  I have read biographies for George Washington (2), Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin.

Make no mistake, I am an amateur, but I am a knowledgeable amateur.  My career spanned commercial/consumer banking and small business ownership.  My experience included the responsibility of managing a portfolio of over $3 Billion in consumer and wholesale receivables.  I have experience in State House, State Senate, and Congressional Campaigns at a senior team member level.  Based on what I have read and observed, unless “We The People” fix this now contorted Constitution, the Republic will be at an end.


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