Our $18 trillion federal government is threatening our Constitutional Form of Government.

 The $7.5 trillion in debt added by Barack Obama and the progressives destroys the intended vertical balance between the States and the federal government.

The Congressional Budget Office states that our deficit (the amount our annual spending exceeds our annual revenue) adds to the $18 Trillion debt at $468 Billion annually now and will grow to add to our debt at the rate of 1 Trillion per year by 2025 heavily due to the Affordable Care and Patient Affordability Act (Obamacare).  Is it intentional?

The Constitution, and our Republic with it, is being shredded at an alarming rate.

What happened?-Why did it happen?-How we can fix it?

This book-blog will examine the causes and solutions. From the prologue through the chapters we will examine the need for a serious solution from the States of this union.

The following are questions that need to be answered by you, not the author.  Find out what has gone terribly wrong and then answer the questions.

Will an Article V Convention for Proposing Amendments to the Constitution be a solution?

Will the Citizens For Self Government project “Convention of States” be the solution?

© 2013 as Our Constitutional Republic is on Life Support, updated and modified for online use 2015


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