IV: Progressive Socialism Influence

Over time, mostly starting at the turn of the nineteenth century, a movement called progressivism took a foothold in the United States. What is a progressive and what do they stand for? Well, they are a diverse group with differing goals and they stand for somewhat differing ideals. Yet, they all have one thing in common. They truly believe that the masses are ignorant and that only they know how you should live and generally sustain. If they weren’t so driven and so ideological about what they believe; they would simply be obnoxious. They believe that they and only they can govern, manage the economy, and use central planning to force you into the mold they are creating for you. They also believe that the end game justifies any means of obtaining what they seek. Thus, there are no rules to be broken. If they must smear and libel to achieve a milestone, then so be it. They will publish, do, or say anything to move the masses in their desired direction.

Who are today’s socialists and just what is the movement about? The movement is socialism, an economic form of government that has failed repeatedly everywhere it has been tried. These socialists just use the name progressives, because socialism has earned such a poor reputation over time. It just does not work.  When pushed with facts they resort to calling the challenger a racist.

Many, but certainly not all of today’s prominent socialists can be found in Congress in the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Members of this Caucus are numerous and powerful.

Progressives saw and continue to see our Constitution as a very serious impediment to their efforts. They knew and continue to know that this nearly perfect guide for governance is a fortress against sudden change, thus a direct assault could not be achieved. Rather, an indirect long term approach was needed. First, they had to infiltrate higher education because this is where our future teachers come from. Once you influence our teachers, you can change history to shape goals – chalk up this infiltration as complete, and history has been changed, allowed to be forgotten, or minimized. Next you need to steer student opinion. An example of this influence is the documented attempt to teach that “Republicans hate Latinos” in the Tucson Unified School District, in Arizona.

Progressives use higher education to influence our journalists. Once you have journalists influenced, you can manage the news and its messages. This progressive coup has been done silently, with the aid of the media – true journalists are no more. Today’s journalists have been taught to use journalism for social change and social justice. A stated goal of journalists is to improve the human condition (check out the International Center for Journalists Board of Directors) and to free humanity by the Independent Media Center; not simply to report fact and let you decide. Improving the human condition means the journalist often has a built in conflict between the facts and their personal view of the human condition.

Thus you cannot trust what is printed or broadcast. So, when a radical change in your form of government occurs, you are not told because the journalists agree with the radical change and the journalists believe it aids the human condition.

They use higher education to influence new young lawyers about the law and the Constitution, in that it is irrelevant and outdated, and once you have co-opted our attorneys you now can infiltrate the courts and the judiciary over time. The law is simply the minor leagues for the judiciary.

Progressive and influential law schools instituted “precedent” as the key means of changing law, including the highest law in the land, the Constitution. Even the Supreme Court recognizes Constitutional precedent, known as “Stare Decisis”. This is Latin which means to let stand what was decided, thus a bad decision of the Supreme Court or a decision by progressive Jurists on the Court intended to change or weaken the Constitution, is not reversed, but rather perpetuated and built upon. Yes, some previous rulings have not been overturned but instead nudged aside. Rarely, if ever, has the Supreme Court clearly struck down a prior decision. Rather the court has nimbly found holes in or instances where previous Court decisions allowed further interpretation.

There are countless cases of progressive members of the Court blatantly ignoring the Constitution and inserting their secular, religious, or ideological view on how the world should be as their legal opinion. Whether you agree with Roe v. Wade, read the majority opinion. It is an incredibly circuitous and a most frail link to constitutional law that is possible, yet it is now the law of the land, and it usurped the power of the states in an egregious way. The opinion, as written, and not necessarily the decision, could have been played out on Oprah or opened on Broadway as a play – it was not an opinion based in law, but rather one that was based in very questionable equity. Drip by drip – progressive Jurists have been illegally changing the Constitution.


One thought on “IV: Progressive Socialism Influence

  1. 1/9/2015 What the progressives miss is the constitutional power of the states. That lack of understanding is also true for the general public and state governments.


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