I: What Has Happened to My Country

Due to a steady bombardment of the tenets of the Constitution, judicial principles, and education in America over the last hundred plus years by progressive socialists, we are on the precipice of losing the greatest form of governance ever created.  Governance built on man’s rights emanating from the almighty, supporting free markets, and the opportunity for anyone to succeed.  Our country has been divided and forces from the White House down continue to spread class derision so they can further split and then break this country.

In the late eighteenth century, a republic, made up of three equal federal branches and independent sovereign states was formed by what had to be divinely guided men.  These sovereign states, if taken as a whole, were eminently equal to if not superior to the federal branches, and this new federal government was clearly understood to exist for the purpose of serving the union of states and the people.

This totally new form of government was delicately built to be horizontal and vertical.  The vertical was the balance between the central government and the states, while the horizontal was the balance brought about by the separation of powers of three distinct branches, resulting in the well-known “checks and balances”.  The Constitution for the United States of America, when it was written, may have been a gift from the almighty, for without divine guidance – not my sentiments alone as these sentiments were shared by George Washington and other founders – man could not have created such an incredibly noble and profound document for humanity.

This was a document based on the supremacy of humanity over government.

In an effort to insure that government is always subservient to the people, the founders built in controls to limit a federal government to only meeting the minimum needs of the states and the people as a collective of sovereign nations.  Some of the founders believed that the new constitution would ward off government intrusion into man’s freedom as it stood. James Madison, the architect of the constitution, did not believe that a “bill of rights” was needed, because he felt the document to be strong enough to keep the federal government under control by the states and the people.  He wrote in Federalist # 51– The Federalist Papers:

“Hence, a double security arises to the rights of the people. The different governments will control each other, at the same time that each will be controlled by itself.”

Yet, other influential founders and the people of several states and state legislatures in the whole demanded even more protection from a central government, thus the Bill of Rights, and especially the ninth and tenth amendments in the Bill of Rights;
Tenth amendment:

“The powers not delegated to the United States [the Congress and thus the federal government] by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Unfortunately, that original federal government, functioning at the behest of member sovereign states, is no more.  Remember, the states created the federal government to make the union of the states stronger, but not to degrade the collective power of the states.  Today, the federal government is an overarching colossus, supremely powerful, threatening to make the states irrelevant and to seize control of our individual liberty.

What happened?  Has there been a coup d’état; a civil war; or a forced overthrow of the Republic?  No, we just allowed the constitution, the judiciary, and the education system to be hijacked.


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